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7 Days to Drink Less

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You’re not alone.

“Why do I do this to myself!”

“Why do I keep doing this insane drinking behaviour that I know is so destructive?”

“How many more times am I going to repeat this out of control drinking!”

These are the thoughts that infiltrated Kylie’s mind one morning after waking up in a bed she didn’t belong in…unsure of how she got there.

Her head felt like it was being split apart as she forced her eyes open, searching for clues that would help piece together her foggy recollection of events from the night before.

She had drank too much…


….and was dreading the consequences it would mean for her marriage, her kids and her career.

If Kylie’s experience sounds familiar, you may also think the only solution is to QUIT drinking altogether.

Even though she felt ashamed and wished she could make a change, she just couldn’t wrap her head around going to rehab, addiction detox clinics or facing years of therapy.

“…I knew I had to do something about my drinking. I just couldn’t put it off anymore…

It was the most terrifying thought …imagining my life without my delicious wine.”

Until one day, fate stepped in…

Kylie turned on the morning news and saw a woman talking about a new method that was helping people drink less – in just 7 days.

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“I owe my sanity to Georgia Foster’s approach.

Not only did it save my marriage, it helped me realize my relationship with alcohol was down to anxiety and low self worth…

And that I could learn to drink less WITHOUT the guilt and the shame or feeling there was something wrong with me.”

Kylie knew that her drinking was emotionally charged…

…if only she had the tools to cope with her insecurities without relying on willpower, she could be a healthy drinker…

…like so many others have achieved with the help of Georgia’s discrete, online program.

If you know you need to cut back, but still want to enjoy a drink or two now and again…

Then click HERE to join Kylie and hundreds of thousands others in becoming a confident, moderate drinker – back in control of your own life in just 7 days!